Hi, I’m Morgan!

I’m a California-based destination wedding photographer for rad couples just like you, looking to capture one of the best days of their lives with less stress and more fun. I’m a big believer in living life with purpose, marrying your best friend + finding adventure in every situation.


Marrying my best friend was one of the most inspiring + influential days of my life, and I’m driven to helping others experience that magic too.


I’ve been told I have RNF.

Yup, resting nice face. It’s a thing! I blame it on the decade I spent working in the hospitality industry. I’m often approached by strangers who ask if we attended high school together, or if I’m related to so-and-so… the answer has literally never been “yes.” But I don’t mind, because being friendly + approachable translates to making my clients, their families, and their friends have a better wedding day experience. When I’m not shooting, you’ll find me sippin’ on some homemade cold brew, working from my Los Angeles apartment with my puppy, Lucy, snoring a few feet away.

 i’m all about the feels.

I still remember how my passion for photography all began; I remember sneaking over to the bottom drawer of my Yaya’s desk, pulling it open, and cautiously examining the incredible photos I found inside. My Yaya and my Papa Pinkie, my great-grandparents, eloped on the rooftop of their Savannah bar named Pinkie Master’s on St. Patrick’s Day. The photos were beautiful. They were warm, nostalgic, romantic, and adventurous - all the things I aim to capture in my photos now.


Dying to know more? Here are 5 fun facts about me!

  1. My husband, Krisztian, and I eloped in Joshua Tree in 2018!

  2. In 2017, Krisz and I packed up a mini cooper in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and embarked on a 5-day cross country move to Los Angeles!

  3. I’ve never seen an episode of Stranger Things. But I’ve seen EVERY episode of the BBC’s Top Gear.

  4. I bake a peach cobbler almost every week.

  5. Hiking, road trips, baking + reading are some of my favorite hobbies!

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The Process

Every wedding photographer has a different process. Mine is aimed at forming real relationships with my clients so that when the big day rolls around + long after it’s gone, you’ll consider me more of a friend than a vendor! My top goal in doing this is to make you feel most at ease in front of the camera. We’ll be spending several hours together - more than you’ll likely spend with any other vendor - so I want every moment to be as comfortable + stress-free as possible.
Here’s what you can expect!

  1. booking

    If you’re interested in hiring me to photograph your day, send me an email! It’s best to get the ball rolling ASAP so that we can lock in your date. I’ll respond within 24 hours max, with information on next steps! We’ll set up a free consultation by phone or skype to get to know each other a little more to make sure we’ll be a good fit. If it’s all green lights, I’ll send you a proposal with a contract and payment plan. You’ll send your non-refundable retainer + both sign the contract in order to officially reserve your day!

  2. pre-wedding

    After you’ve booked, some real exciting stuff is about to happen!

    First, I’ll ask if there are any other vendors you haven’t booked yet + send over my recommendations. From wedding planners to taco carts, I’ve got a list of top-quality, creative professionals to send your way! I’ll send you my Wedding Guide which shares my perspective as a photographer on things like choosing where to get ready, timeline examples, and more.

    From there we’ll set up your engagement session. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process because I finally get to meet you! Before the shoot we’ll grab a bottle of wine or a few lattes, and then we’ll create some awesome photos together (don’t worry, I’ll send you all my best tips for choosing a location, outfits, and so much more!). Within the next few weeks (typically 3-4) I’ll send you an online gallery of gorgeous, high-resolution photos that you can use for save-the-dates, invitations, framed prints, etc.

    After the engagement shoot I’ll check in periodically to see if there’s anything I can help with! About 3 months prior to your day, I’ll send a questionnaire that asks about all the logistics, and you’ll send it back to me 30 days before the wedding. This way you can finalize those details, get the final guest count, and take your time filling it out!

    Two weeks before your day, we will schedule a phone call to go over the questionnaire and timeline together. Feel free to email me throughout the process leading up to your wedding with any questions, concerns, or ideas!

  3. wedding

    WHOOOP WHOOOOOOP! Y’ALL. This day is like one amazing party and I’m freakin’ stoked about it! My second shooter and I will arrive a few minutes before coverage begins, to do any scouting necessary and take some environmental photos. Then we’ll come find you + get started documenting your day! To best protect your images, I shoot on two dual-slot cameras throughout the day (so I’m essentially shooting on 4 cards at one time); I change these memory cards out several times throughout the day, and I carry them in a waterproof case on me from start to finish so they never leave my sight.

  4. post-wedding

    I LIVE for some sneak peeks, y’all, but my number one priority when I leave a wedding is securing your images. Before I can edit or share any photos, I back them up onto multiple hard drives so that there are several copies. Only then do I get to work on selecting a few photos from different parts of your day to edit + send to you! My aim is to have sneak peeks to you within 72 hours so you can share them with your family + friends ASAP! Your entire online gallery of high-resolution, edited images will be delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding day. You’ll be able to download + save the images straight from the gallery!

    If you’ve opted for a package that includes an album, we’ll be in communication following the wedding on designing + ordering it. Turnaround times can vary, but most products are completed and delivered within 6 months. When you place your order, I’ll send you an estimated delivery date and keep you in the loop with any updates.

    Following the wedding, I’ll ask you to send me a review! You can do this either through email or by posting it onto The Knot. Getting feedback from you based on your experience is so helpful!