3 things you can do to rock your engagement shoot!


Engagement season is here, y’all! If you haven’t already heard, I’m doing a giveaway through January 27th (my birthday!) to celebrate. One couple will win $300 towards a 2019 engagement or wedding! Today I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips for making your engagement shoot a super success! Here are 3 of my top tips; to get a PDF download of my top seven tips, sign up for my newsletter (and you’ll get entered in my giveaway, too!)

y'all - I get it! you're not professional models. here's a little secret: almost no one is!

Some people are naturally comfortable in front of a camera - others (um, me, for example!) not so much. Honestly, the majority of my clients start off a session by saying "we're SO awkward!" In my experience, here are 3 tips to make you feel more prepared for your engagement shoot (no matter who's photographing it!)


Tip 1: KEEP MOVING - even just slightly

The number one mood killer in engagement shoots is bringing mannequin moves to the shoot. instead of staying stiff + static, keep moving! It doesn't have to be drastic. For instance, if I asked you to stand still and embrace each other, you could simply move your fingertips, sliding them just a little along your partner's neck/back/waist. Those simple gestures will keep you in the moment with your partner and make the moment feel more natural!


Imagine dancing at sunrise on top of a gorgeous beach with your best friend. Now imagine it with your favorite music in the background! Dancing with music > dancing without music. And I can almost guarantee you're gonna do some dancing at your engagement shoot, whether it's on a mountaintop or in your kitchen making waffles. I always do my best to come to shoots with some music ready on a bluetooth speaker or just ready on my phone, which makes a shoot so much more fun! However if you like a specific genre or have a certain playlist in mind, I'm always happy to play music off the couples' phone instead. Music is a great way to tune me + the camera out so you can focus on what's most important: each other!


Be ready to have a good time! Before your shoot, try to relax and do something that puts you both in good spirits - maybe grab a tasty meal or hit up your favorite coffee shop. Treat your shoot as part of a super fun date! For so many people, the only professional photos they've had taken up to this point are school yearbook photos. This will not be like that! Be open to a new, fun + memorable experience and try not to take yourself too seriously!

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