One Month of Puppy Life!

Not my normal topic, I know - but it's been one month since Lucy, our husky-malamute pup joined me + my husband's journey so I wanted to reflect on a few things I've learned:


1. Puppies are HARD. this little being is entirely dependent on US. she wants to eat everything - a wooden lawn chair, the carpet, bubbles in my bubble bath, my dinner... and we can't let her! it's almost like a game - whenever we tell her she can't have something, she finds something new she's not allowed to have either. it's scary to be responsible for something, and to love it so much -- but not be able to communicate with her when her teeth hurt really bad! Regular, everyday things turn into big obstacles: going to the bathroom (alone), leaving for work on time, eating dinner sitting down (I've gone at least 7 days eating standing up at this point), sleeping through the night, and bathing. This last one definitely takes a toll! Lucy LOVES water - especially when it's not meant for her. Last week I drew up a bubble bath and before I could climb in, she did! then this week she hopped in the shower just as I turned it on. I thought maybe she wouldn't enjoy the shower as much as the bath.. I was wrong. She loves both. Now it's impossible for me to bathe in peace because she wants to hop in!


2. Your relationship should be in a really stable place before deciding to get a puppy. Before we picked up Lucy, Krisz and I went back and forth between getting a true "puppy" versus a young dog. I was up for a young dog - one that still had plenty of energy and fun left but maybe had already been house trained and wasn't teething. Not too much to ask, right?! But Krisz has had his heart set on a puppy for a long time, and our schedules are really optimal for puppy raising right now (he works 4p.m.- 1a.m. and I work 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.). Plus, you only live once! I felt like I could compromise on getting a puppy...with the promise that he'd be doing *most* of the late night potty runs. He's an amazing dog dad, too. Even last night, when he got home and Lucy got SO wound up at 2 a.m. - he ended up falling asleep on the living room floor playing with her. It's not the first time. If you're not in a relationship - I can't even begin to imagine going this solo. Lucy's a full-time, 2 person job. 

3. until they finish getting their shots, you're practically on house arrest. Lucy has a patch of grass on our patio that she visits about 30 times a day, but otherwise is super restricted on staying in the apartment to avoid interacting with other dogs that may be carrying diseases her immune system can't yet fight off. That means no long walks, hiking, camping, etc. until this lady is cleared by the vet! 

4. people are VERY curious! I've had strangers come up to me with barely a "hello" to ask if we got her from a breeder. so, to dispel any rumors here's the truth: even beautiful dogs get put in bad situations. Lucy was adopted through a private rescue - her mother was found in the desert, pregnant, and was taken to a shelter. Lucy may be a gorgeous dog but that does not mean we support breeding!

the three of us still have got a lot to learn, but we're so so happy to have welcomed our little furbaby into our home + our lives. 

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