You Can Call Me Buddy | About Morgan Pirkle, intimate wedding photographer, donut aficionado, dog mama

Morgan (Buddy) Pirkle: intimate wedding photographer, donut aficionado, and dog mama.

Hey friends! It’s been a little while since I did a more personal post on here, and it’s SO IMPORTANT to me that my clients can get to know me - I want working together to feel like hanging out with a good friend, not just a stranger with a fancy camera. If that’s what you’re looking for, there might be a better option for you, cause I absolutely love building relationships and will likely ask you a bunch of questions about where your favorite donut shop is, what you like to do on weekends, where you’re from, what you do for a living, what you collect, where you feel most like yourself in the world… and the list goes on and on.

I want working together to feel like hanging out with a good friend, not just a stranger with a fancy camera.

So it’s only fair that I tell y’all a little bit about myself, right?

I thought the first place to start would be my name. My name’s Morgan Pirkle. It’s been that way for 27 years and I have no intention of changing it! My parents were married on Morgan Road in Marietta, Georgia many moons ago. While they say they chose the name Morgan out of a baby book, I can’t help but think it must have resonated with them on a deeper level. The name Morgan means ‘of the sea’ in a few different languages, which I’ve always felt really strongly about. I love being near water: being closer to the beach was one reason I wanted to move to LA (I mean the islands off south Georgia would have been a little more convenient, but have you SEEN the Pacific? OMG.). I’ve heard that many empaths also feel a strong need to be close to water, and I am absolutely an empath.

Most people feel really identified by their first name, and while I certainly like mine I don’t necessarily feel a strong sense of identity through it - probably because most of the people in my life don’t call me Morgan. I’ve always felt a strong connection with my last name: Pirkle. It’s kind of a funny name, it’s uncommon and it lends itself really well to nicknames. What’s interesting is that I don’t really know the lineage of my family - I know my dad’s side has been farmers in Georgia for many generations, but before that… no clue. On my mom’s side there’s a little mystery too. We’re Greek by marriage - in the 1940’s, my Yaya (great-grandmother) at 9 months pregnant divorced an abusive man. She remarried a kind-hearted Greek man named Christopher Masterpoulis, and together they ran the legendary Savannah bar named Pinkie Master’s (he was called Pinkie because he was a fairly short man). I don’t know anything about my Yaya’s first husband, and honestly I don’t know much about her parents either. I believe there’s Irish/ Scottish heritage in there somewhere, but when she married my Papa Pinkie we became Greek through and through!

I have had a LOT of nicknames - I’d guess more most people do. Mo, Momo, Morgie, Morgie Pie, Pirk, Pirkle Junior, PJ (a nickname for a nickname), Pirk-a-lator… the list goes on. But the name that means the most to me is Buddy! Like the good suburban family we were, my mom one day took my sister and I out to a small Italian restaurant we loved - you may have heard of it: Olive Garden. My sister and I were probably 13 and 15 (she’s 2 years older) and at the age where every conversation was a screaming match about who used the hair straightener last. Between mouthfuls of breadsticks, we slung passive aggressive comments and eye rolls. My mom pleaded with us: “I just don’t understand - you’re sisters! Why can’t you both just get along? You should be pals, you know… buddies.” My sister and I united for a split second to laugh at the innocence of this ask, before sarcastically saying something like “Hey can you pass me the salt, BUDDY?” The name got jokingly swung back and forth until it became my genuine nickname. I still call her Buddy, but no one else does - most people call her Pirkle (it even says so on her NICU nametag!). But my family calls me buddy - even my nieces think that’s my name! Sometimes they write me cards that say “Aunt Buddy,” and y’all - it melts my heart. “Buddy” feels warm, welcoming, and a little silly - just like me. Don’t worry, I’ll always answer to a million other names too, but in my heart of hearts I think I’m more Buddy most days than Morgan. Do you have a family nickname that stuck around? Share it in the comments!