Point Dume Adventure Session

One of my favorite parts of planning a couples' shoot is discussing location. The planning of these shoots should do anything but stress you out-  a day spent together with your partner is something to look forward to! With Jessica + Jason, I was absolutely blown away by the location we chose: Point Dume. 


If you know Point Dume at all, you'll know it's beautiful. But more than a gorgeous backdrop, it was where Jason took Jessica on their first date about three years ago. Watching them revisit old memories- while making new ones- was so special. 

Learning these intimate details about a relationship makes connecting so much easier and by the time the day comes for us to work together, we already feel like good friends. This was our first time meeting in person, and it was so comfortable! To help reach that level before my shoots, I start every inquiry with a conversation. I want to know the story behind the relationship. 

These two were up for just about anything! I knew they enjoyed the outdoors and going to the beach beforehand, but their adventurous spirit was contagious. These are just a few of the moments I captured that morning. There were so many great shots I had trouble narrowing it down to the number I intended to deliver! 

I had the best time, saw a new part of my new city + got to do work that brings joy to people's hearts. 


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